perjantai 24. syyskuuta 2010


Ok, now that the drums and some guitars were on the track it was my turn to play my part in the makings of the new album. I grabbed my new sweetheart, a pimped up Tokai jazz bass (special shout out to Kari Olli from Pressure Points for mending my basses!) and headed towards Kotka. When I arrived at the afternoon guitar maestro Mrks and our engineer/producer Teemu informed me that the first thing to do in the studio was to carry an Ampeg 8x10" cabinet upstairs through very slim stairs. Nice. But heavy sound requires heavy duty and we managed it without casualties.

After I got my instruments stringed and set up it was time to put the amps, cabinets and microphones in place, do soundcheck and we were ready to go! Before the day was done we got one bass track finished and had some sort of vision of what kind of sounds we wanted to have for the rest of the songs. Not bad for a few hours work.

The second day started early. Too early in my opinion but our slave driver Teemu had no mercy on our poor souls, which became very clear as the sessions moved on. Time after time I heard him say: "Yeah, it was ok but let's do another one", "Nice. Again!" and so on... But it's good, now we can be sure that those takes that made it into finished tracks are top notch. Or at least the best we can do...

Recording in our own place was a pleasurable experience. We didn't have stressing schedules, could relax in a familiar environment and have friends stop by now and then for a little chit chat. Easy living, despite the slaver and some minor musical disagreements. On the evening of the second day three more tracks were ready and it was time for some late night entertainment; Pink Floyd's "Live at Pompeii" Who says you need drugs to get high?! During the sessions we also drew inspiration from Rush's "Beyond the Lighted Stage" and Metallica's "Some Kind of Monster" to see how the real pros do their thing...

The next day was uneventful but busy. We got four tracks done, so there was only one song left to do. Time for a beer.

On the last day we got early (again!) to the studio to finish the last song and get it over with. I was sure to do it quickly and be back home before afternoon. Not so. There wasn't any problems with the song but the final listening of the finished tracks made Markus realise that one bass part just wasn't right for the particular song. That's when things got ugly. We started to mouth off each other and pretty soon were throwing the punches! It was just crazy, furniture chrashing all over the place and guitars smashed to the walls and... Well, ok, not really. But it COULD have happened that way, it was a hard riff to play! After some sulking we agreed to arrange and record it again. It took hours (told you it was a difficult riff) but somehow we got it made and I was a free man again. Heading back home I left the guys scheming the guitar solos and other musically irrelevant stuff... My work here was done!


torstai 23. syyskuuta 2010


Well, well - Lots have happened in the OmG-hq since the last studio post and we've been hit by the usual OG diary laziness as we aren't any real authors neither novelists even we sometimes try...

After Astia studio drum sessions we've been working like hell here as we built up or own studio "OmG" to our rehearsal house called "the moneyhouse". This is brand new working method for us just to get all the things like schedules etc. just like we want them to be and of course it's much more nice an' easy to be recording and relaxing at our good ol' rehearsal place. It has been a huge job to get all the tech stuff gathered and borrowed for the session but it seems it's been really worth it!

So, it's been a month full of long working hours thru victories and rock bottoms, musical magics, angry musician moments, technical difficulties, brain dead conversations, afternoons & coffeespoons, Pizza and leverlåda by Saarioinen dinners and everything in between!

I was the first one to take the job to do with all the Rhythm geetars and this time it was a BIG task 'cause i had the honour & curse to play all the guitars by myself and engineer Teemu seems to be enjoying his despotic producer status... I used three different amps for this; Mesa/Boogie single rectifier, Marshall JCM 800 2203 & Mesa/Boogie Mark 4. and the tripled rhythm guitar wall of sound seems to be easily the best i've ever done so far - world class stuff for sure!! The spirits are high here in the funny farm!

Thanx for Joni Sven & Harri Pikka for lending some guitar gear - Here i also have to give a big thanx, cheers and respect to Sami Hauru/AK-sound for tech support and gear rent, Arttu Horttanainen for the mixing desk (that once worked...), Eerik Purdon for Ampeg bass gear, Janne Markkanen for Focusrite stuff, Sävelaitta for DBX stuff, Matti Suhonen for the mic, Soitinlaine for fast action, Teppo Gustafsson for fast technical doctoring and Olli Liukkonen & Timo Karvonen for spiritraising and making coffee!

So far our gear have been fucked up and destroyed during the sessions =
The good ol' handmade Finnish Kajaani mixing desk, my beloved Marshall JCM 800 cabinet (again!!!), awesome Neumann CMV563 vintage tube microphone from DDR and still a long way to go! :) It really seems that some heavenly forces of good are really trying to make a stop for our very very évil sessions but we'll be marching towards the victory and never surrender ! :)

More studio happenings updated hopefully "soon" as the diary isn't even quite up-to-date yet....

lauantai 4. syyskuuta 2010


And heeeere we go again! Jarmo banged all his drum parts easily & furiously and Teemu catched all the magical parts on tape.

It's about time to head back to good ol' Karhula and record some geetar parts next at OmG / Moneyhouse studio. Here's some photo footage from Astia still...->

Master Jorkka & Jope the studioslave.
Tav-Astia club!
Ugly hippie with beautiful guitar!
Jarmo doing some strange march things here...
...Under the sign of the black mark!

Happy happy Joy joy engineer working!