lauantai 28. elokuuta 2010


The cock cabin sessions went really really nicely and well - we got all the material ready to rock for recording and 3 days in the woods made magics to the stuff and the spirits of music walked among us. Now we, as also Teemu the producer, are 100% confident about the high quality of the new material ( oriented death metal that is!) and hungry to hit the Astia studio to caught the magic moments on tape.

There's nine songs now ready an' willing for the album & two of them are as epics as almost 10 minutes long.. Some working titles flowing: "Aapon talviuni + Jorkan häävalssi" (Aapo's winter dream, feat. the wedding march of Jarmo), "Aapon kosioretki" (Aapo's trip of love), "Sonnin ajatukset" (Thoughts of an ox), "Kiintiöhumppa", "Eeppinen mysteeri" (Epic mystery) etc…

Some beloved "special guest spiritraisers" were visiting us on the cabin sessions and checking out the jams and accepting our new album boogies - our former bass-player Janne, our lighting engineer Olli, Wolftrap guitarist Antti and our FOH engineer on past tours / Kaihoro drummer Kalke. …But of course the main point was on having long nightly discussions about the new Iron Maiden album and hanging out with all the bats & spiders.


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