lauantai 28. elokuuta 2010



Wednesday evening it was time to take crashcourse to the Lappeenranta city where the high & mighty Astia-Studio is located and Jarmo, Teemu and me stepped into the Astia timezone where the night is the new day - means long nightly working hours and sleeping the first half of the day away… Our new session guitarist Joonas Koto were already there waiting for us as he is working at the moment in Astia-Studio 2, what a nice coincidence. So, he got the honour to be our host and slave! Wednesday evening was spent on setting up the drums and microphones and having some serious sauna business. Astia-Studio is really the coolest studio i've ever visited and it have all the luxorious toys'n'stuff the poor hippies will ever need for rocking.

After a long soundcheck the "almost black album" drum sound was there and Jarmo was ready to blast his guts off on tape, and surely he did it - he is the machine man! Three days were spent on nice an' easy schedule doing some alternate takes, adjustments and producing. Teemu had some new grey hair because of the Ddrum trigger signals (..asked by mr. Swanö for mixing) didn't work as expected and he had to adjust some more and more and evermore...

…Of course we were having much more sauna business meetings with few beers and basics. The high cultural moments of the sessions were spent with some good dvd material from Rush, At The Gates, Mr. Big and Get Thrashed thrash metal history documents (Hiraxin Pena & Rumpelstiltskin Grinder!). We also found out that the VH1 classic is one helluva good music channel without so much shitty shit than other channels. Well, Vangelis and Axel F airing on music channel, not bad!?

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